The new formula for success in real estate development:
Cooperative Collaboration = Developer + Development Teams + Land Owners + Investors + Communities

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Cooperative Collaboration
JVSCo Land Owner Partners/

For land owners, Cooperative Collaboration means the opportunity to partner with J. Van Sickle & Company and its local development team to explore the possibility of turning vacant land into income producing property.  In return for investing land into a project, land owners receive ownership that is proportional to a mutually agreed upon land value.  The land owner's investment of land into the deal is combined with the fees that the development team invests, which equates to a significant reduction in development costs.  This approach, where everyone involved in the project is a stakeholder with"skin in the game", means that the project has a much higher likelihood of success. That is in stark contrast to the traditional approach where everyone is paid for their part and very few having a vested interest in the ultimate outcome.