The new formula for success in real estate development:
Cooperative Collaboration = Developer + Development Teams + Land Owners + Investors + Communities

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Cooperative Collaboration
J. Van Sickle & Company/

As a real estate development firm J. Van Sickle & Company is applying the Cooperative Collaboration approach to every aspect of its businesses.  The philosophy of Cooperative Collaboration not only defines our partnerships with others, it pervades every aspect of our business model.  From our investors and development partners to internal staff, everyone involved in our projects is an owner-stakeholder with a vested interest in each project's success.


In 2013, J. Van Sickle & Company launched the UNITAS (Latin: meaning "unity") family of companies.  This new venture consists of UNITAS Architecture (Ua), UNITAS Construction (Uc) and UNITAS Engineering (Ue).  These companies are the core of JVSCo's new design-build approach, which will give us the ability to streamline development with a new prototype approach to design.  Combining this back office production capacity with the creativity, expertise, and networks of our local development team partners strengthens our ability to meet the multifamily housing needs of our community partners.